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Daisy, the little bunny, moved to a small town. She is scared, lonely and lost, but not for long. Aster, a charming hare, comes to her rescue. The joy of a new home, true friendship and an amazing escapade has only begun!

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- Latest Release -

Daisy's New Home

“Daisy Finds a Puppy”, by Bell McDell and VikiiT, is a heartwarming story about pet adoption. Daisy’s first lesson owning a pet comes with responsibility and care. However, she quickly discovers that a pet’s affection bring the greatest joy and friendship that cannot be forgotten or replaced.

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Daisy's Finds a Puppy

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Welcome to Minuscule Spark, the one and only place where you can find the insightful Daisy series.

Our goal is to help kids set high standards for themselves and live up to those standards. The early bloom of honesty, integrity, love, kindness and mindfulness leads to nothing less than the best from them and for them.

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